Becoming a Club

In order to be a recognised VAF swim club, it must demonstrate that:

  • Has a membership of at least 10 fee-paying members, 5 of whom must be registered swimmers
  • Has adopted a Constitution agreeing to be subject to and observing the rules, bylaws and directions of FINA and VAF.
  • Has adopted rules providing for its agreement to meet its financial obligations under these rules, including payment of annual subscriptions of 2,500VT, competition levies and swimmer registration fees to VAF.
  • Has ensured that all its members have, as condition of membership, signed agreement to the Vanuatu Aquatics Federation Code of Conduct

Clubs are members of VAF, as long as they abide by rules and bylaws of the club or association to which they belong and of VAF.

If your club is interested in becoming a registered VAF Club, contact us for more information.