Officials Training

At the moment VAF utilises FINA Officials training programs for both swimming and open water swimming.

Each club can propose 1-2 representatives to undergo officials training. These training are biannually and usually overseas. Therefore, we look for applicants with the following qualities:

  • Has a current passport (for overseas courses and competitions)
  • Has general knowledge of the rules of swimming
  • Can attend all training to assure familiarity with all levels of competition
  • Has a commitment to swimming and the club they are affiliated with (can be either a swimmer’s parent, a community leader)
  • Can commit time to officiate at all club swim events when called upon
  • Is professional
  • Can read and speak English (this is the official language in which all FINA courses are taught)

Please note we will not accept coaches as officials as during meets coaches have many other tasks to worry about.

VAF recently ran a FINA OWS Officials School in May 2017 and will run mini clinics on OWS officiating with interested volunteers. OWS officiating is similar to pool swimming officiating with some alterations in roles and how the event is run. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about OWS Officiating.

VAF will run a mini-clinic for interested volunteers for the National Championships in Pool Officiating.

Date: TBA

For pool events we can help you learn about the following positions:


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