Learn to Swim Program

As swimming is a new sport in Vanuatu, VAF values the development of swimming at the grassroots level by introducing learn to swim programs into schools, communities, and youth centres.

In 2015/2016, VAF reached over 600 school children in their rural outreach program. In 2017, VAF is working with 5 communities to help them establish a learn to swim program and a transition program from L2S to Squad/Club swimming.

VAF Development Officers lead these outreach programs and also build up trainers in these communities. We use the Oceania Swimming/Swimming Australia Let’s Swim program to train new-comers to swim instruction, and the Swim Australia course for more serious swim instructors. To find out more about becoming a swim instructor, click here.

Equipment for these programs has been kindly donated by Kings Swimming in Armadale, VIC. The Australian High Commission in Vanuatu and the Port Vila Masterbathers have sponsored pool noodles and kick boards for communities who go through our program so they can continue swimming. In addition to the assistance from Donations in Kind and Rotary, VAF has been able to deliver a swim program starter package to each of these pilot sites.

Learn to Swim in Eton

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