Vanuatu Aquatics will hold the National Championships 25 November 2017 in order to make selections for the Oceania Championships in 2018.

Location:  Bigfala Seafront Steps

Qualifying Times: QUALIFYING TIMES 2017 AGE GROUP NATIONALS. Accepting times from Eton Invitational and Seafront Sprints Invitational

This will be an exciting event and history in the making.

Swimmers who have swam in the Eton Blue Lagoon Invitational or the Seafront Sprints Invitational are eligible for this event. Qualifying times will be posted Oct 2017.

VAF will be training volunteers as officials in the months leading up to the Championships. Although Vanuatu does not have a competition pool, the team is working tirelessly to replicate a real competition environment for our swimmers as possible. Therefore we will be enforcing all official swimming rules as possible at this competition. If you are unsure of the DQ rules for strokes, please check out Officiating Swimming.

If you are interested in officiating at this event, please see Officials Training page. We will need 34 officials and volunteers for a full 6 lane competition.

If you can’t volunteer but still want to be involved as a sponsor, please contact us at