Vanuatu Aquatics Federation is the national governing body for aquatic sports in Vanuatu. We administer competitive swimming in accordance with FINA and our constitution.

We provide programs and services for our members, supporters, partners and the interested public.

We are committed to continuous learning and to achieve excellence in our sport.



Our vision is to provide the opportunity for members to develop the life skill of swimming in an open and supportive environment.

We will inspire and enable our members to achieve their ‘own excellence’ in the sport of swimming and in life.


In its early stages, the VAF recognises that the key to developing a solid foundation is to develop the grassroots of the sports; to encourage ni‐Vanuatu children throughout the islands to participate in swimming for fun as well as competition. To reflect this grassroots development, the VAF has developed an initial 5 year strategic plan that focuses on three core objectives:

  • Development of swimming as a healthy sporting This includes the creation of training materials, swim curriculum for PE in schools and supporting the start up of local swim clubs that will become members of the VAF.
  • Competition at local and provincial level. This includes setting up open water races, local swim meets as well as provincial swim leagues that are officiated by the VAF and recognised by the international swimming federation, FINA.
  • Sustainability of the VAF and its This includes ensuring that the VAF is performing to meet its objectives, is accountable to its members and sponsors, and is managing its resources as effectively as possible.

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